A day in the life

This page is simply a snapshot of a single day of “my life” yesterday. More specifically, it details what I did to increase my vertical jump. This was a “work” day for me (as opposed to a “rest” day). I will break this up into two sections: first my workout and secondly my diet.

For my morning workout, I only did 3 exercises. I like to vary my routine day-to-day and generally only do each exercise once a week to allow for proper recovery. I started off with ten minutes of jumping rope. Nothing fancy, just ten minutes of great jumping work.

Second, I did ten minutes of work with my jump box. I will try to get some information up on how I made my jump box and the exercises I do with it. It’s a great tool to increase your vertical and jump higher.

And finally, I moved on to squats with free weights. The first set being a warm up set at a very light weight. The second and third sets consisted of the most weight I could handle for 8 repetitions. Sometimes I only make it to 6! The important part, for me, is making sure I physically cannot perform another rep.

On to my diet. Again, this changes day-to-day, but this is what I had yesterday. Breakfast was 5 raw eggs and a green smoothie (1/2 head of romaine, 1/3 cucumber, 1 carrot, 2 sticks of celery, and a bit of filtered water). For an early lunch, I had about 2 cups of whole milk (raw as in straight from the udder) mixed with chocolate whey protein powder. My next meal was I had roughly 8 ounces of organic chicken and a healthy serving of guacamole with raw food chips. Dinner was a little over 2 cups of chili with bison meat. An hour before bed, I had 1/4 cup of almonds and a hunk of cheddar cheese. Also, throughout the day, I drank a bunch of filtered water. I believe my diet is just as important at advancing my vertical jump as the workout part.

I hope to post more of these, “day in the life” posts in the future to give everyone a glimpse at what I am doing and have done to condition my body to jump higher.