Burning Nipple – checkup

I spent all of Friday looking for a place that would give a freaking mammogram at my age.  31 is apparently too young for a person to have breast cancer.  I was highly frustrated and by the end of the day,  I found only one place that supposedly would do it and for free.  Getting them to answer the phone however, is another story.  So no mammo yet.  I did call my doctor at the end of the day crying my eyes out begging for a referral somewhere.  She wanted to see me first and see if there was any change since March.

Monday I went to my appointment.  She asked a lot of specific questions and then did a thorough exam.  Thank GOD there was no change and they both felt exactly the same.  So she wanted me to try oil of evening primrose and also vitamin E.  If it is normal breast tenderness, then those will help.  She also said I could have some nerve damage which I am starting to believe because if I poke or scratch the tip of my fingers, it shoots a burning pain that goes, guess where, all the way to my nipple.  Hmm.  The other possibility is Fibromyalgia but you can never jump to that answer with out first ruling out everything else including the C word.

My boob is so damn sensitive that of course, it cannot be touched.  My husband included.  He only has one to work with.  LOL  That just seems funny as I type it.  The poor guy can only touch a boob instead of both.  Oh well!

So I had a nice family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.  It was so amazing and fun and sunburn free!  I would recommend it to anyone.  We have one nearby so there was no traveling.  It was awesome.  It was just like being out of town.  There was plenty to do but I would recommend bringing food because it is costly.  We plan to go back next year and bring more people.

Dear God please let this breast pain be just that, pain.  Normal pain that means nothing.  Just an annoyance.  I would take that anyday.  Please allow these vitamins do their job and solve the problem.