Buying Organic

I’ve just ventured into the World of Eco-Friendliness and organicness recently (oh and yes I did just make up my own words lol)so I understand the confusion. The truth of the matter is yes the pesticides, and hormones and preservative can and do seap into your food. If you actually read up on what our food is processed with and the things we do to alter it in order to mass produce quickly. You’ll be astounded!

I say find a way around expensive organic find an organic food delivery service such as or find a CSA in your area, if you have the time and or inclination start a garden even a container garden will save you money in the long run. There are options if you look for them.

Food is Fuel for your body. You wouldn’t put a mixture of Gas and Dirt in your gas tank so why would you put a mixture of food and steroids and or hormones, antibiotics and pesticides? WE can’t keep expecting that someone else is regulating what we eat because in fact someone else is and they are the same people cashing your checks when you buy their yuck filled foods!