Day 2 of my juice fast: I’m pissed off

Oh, man. It’s day two of this fast and I am not feeling awesome. Obviously, even though I totally took this on,  it’s not easy working and living your regular life while just drinking six juices a day. It’s also unpleasant to write about it and then read a bunch of crappy comments about what you’re doing (thanks, interwebs!).

Let me just say the following:

1. Fasting is not a fad. Though I’m using mine to jump start a weight loss plan, humans have been fasting for purification for centuries (and in connection with religion, fasts have been observed among Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Taoists since pretty much the beginning of time).
2. Yes, I am lazy.
3. It is absolutely possible to be 5’9, 154lbs, and have a double chin. It’s astonishing that someone accused me of lying about this.

Day 2: The Good
I woke up this morning super early and did not feel sluggish at all. My eyes look different—no puff on the top, no bags underneath. This is hard to explain, but I took a walk last night and felt very very calm and still, as if everything was aligned and OK. My stomach is flatter today than yesterday.

Day 2: The Bad

I am having scarcity issues about the juices (anxiety) and I feel as if I’m going to run out each day long before I’m ready. I miss chewing. When I fed my cat this morning, I felt jealous of her meal. I am extremely cranky and slightly irrational.

A Review by Editor:

Yeah fasting is great especially if you want to loose muscle mass as you devour yourself. Your body needs protein otherwise it will use its own like how it uses fat for energy. Your stomach is only flatter because there is no fecal matter inside of it, so it will be really difficult to use the bathroom next time. If you want to diet, eat fruits and veggies they will help the same way as juice but with FEWER CALORIES and more fiber to aid in digestion. Think of it this way you could drink a glass of carrot juice we could assume it is like 100 calories or more, but if you ate the carrots raw or cooked you would use energy to chew and breakdown the fibrous material thus making you loose more weight than just drinking juice. Fasting is archaic and leads to health problems. Do some research and you’ll find tons of information on how to loose weight properly. Good luck.