Great Gift Ideas for the Southern Baker

Buying for a Southern baker can be a difficult thing to do, namely because the baker already has what they like. My grandmother for example loves the pans she has, and doesn’t want to change to anything new. Despite that, there are some options for that special Southern baker; gifts that they will love, and better yet, actually use.

1.Disposable baking pans. Some Southern bakers simply enjoy the experience of baking more than eating their food, and for that reason, often give away their creations. Now they can stop worrying about when and where they will get back their pans. Look for decorative metal pans, or paper loaf pans, which work the same as traditional metal baking pans, but without the expensive associated with losing one.

2. A cookie press. Manufacturers create this in different sizes with different attachments, for everyone from the beginner to the expert cookie maker. Metal tipped presses are usually more expensive, but plastic tipped presses are very affordable. If the baker likes to decorate cakes, this is an absolute must have. The different tips allow the baker to create a variety of designs, from grape vines to more accurate lettering on cakes. A cookie press also offers a multitude of tips to create dozens of different cookies. And if the Southern baker knows their way around a cheese straw, this makes pumping out the right size fast and easy.

3. Cookie cutters. A good baker will probably already own a set of cookie cutters, but there are tons of options out there, covering every holiday and major character. Does she like to kick back with the latest Harry Potter book while something’s in the oven? Does she secretly collect Barbie dolls? Have a love for the Fourth of July? There are cookie cutters for those and a whole lot more. Another option is to keep an eye out for antique cookie cutters; even if they aren’t used, its not something that everyone else has. Last summer I found a set of 6 cookie cutters in a metal tin from the 1930s made in Japan, at a yard sale for 50 cents. Even though I’ll never use them, they make an interesting discussion piece in my kitchen.

4. A set of good mixing bowls. Almost everyone I know has a few mixing bowls, usually a mismatched set since bowls tend to get lost or broken. The other reason to pick mixing bowls, is that they can be used as a regular bowl too. Everyone needs a set of good mixing bowls, even a great baker.

5. For those without a budget in mind, consider a stand mixer. Cuisine Art makes several different models, with prices starting at $419.99. KitchenAid is the other major brand, and theirs come in a variety of colors and styles, including a special edition pink “Cook for the Cure” model to support breast cancer. Their line starts at $239.99 for the most basic model, while the breast cancer model retails for $349.99.

Another option is to consider a gift basket; fill it with smaller things like muffin tins, cake pans, muffin tin liners, plastic wrap, and decorative canning jars. Fill it out with pictures of the baker in the kitchen, and special flavored oils. It’s a one of a kind gift that you can guarantee no one else is giving them.


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