Benefits of Green Tea

Combined with black and oolong, green tea is one of three popular Asian teas sold in Western markets currently. Green tea is considered the most antioxidant rich of the three as it’s growth process involves less oxidation, resulting in a more potent and beneficial tea. The scientific name for herbal green tea is Camellia Sinensis. Let’s explore some of the health advantages associated with Chinese herbal green tea.

Green Tea Boosts the Immune System

As was mentioned before, herbal green tea is an antioxidant rich beverage, thus making it naturally beneficial for maintaining health. The concentrations in green tea are extremely high, thus boosting the body’s ability fight off disease and stay well. It will also rid your body of free-radicals that are known to cause disease and illness. When consumed, the body’s natural immune system is enhanced, also preventing illness.
The expulsion of free-radicals is also linked to the prevention of aging.

Polyphenol, the predominant constituent contained in green tea, is a highly potent antioxidant as well. Cell strength and potency is naturally boosted by polyphenols, as it will also naturally benefit the immune system. An over worked immune system can result in a person feeling fatigued or tired. Polyphenols will help in combating this. Increased energy has been reported in persons immediately after increasing their consumption of green tea. Combined with a brisk exercise regimen, a diet in green tea will assist in increased energy.

Using Green Tea to Assist With Weight Loss

In contemporary times, green tea has become an extremely hot selling item in the health products sector. Many mainstream corporations have introduced green tea, or green tea based products. The weight loss sector is no exception. Green tea has proven effective in burning fat, a major component in a weight loss regimen. There are several products available today in pill format specifically targeted to weight loss.

It has been said the approximately 2/3 of Americans are overweight. The health risks related to this statistic are great. It has been proven that herbal green tea can assist in a process called thermogenesis, the method by which a human body converts fat into raw energy. A diet high in green tea can help a person convert their fat into energy and subsequently use that energy to embark on an enhanced exercise plan. A winning situation indeed. Additionally, green tea can help increase the metabolic rate, another weight loss benefit.

Green Tea Can Help Reduce Cancer Risks

There have been several medical researchers that have produced documentation indicating that the antioxidants contained in green tea can thwart the growth of tumorous cancer cells with it’s ability to eliminate free-radicals in a cancer patient’s body. Additionally, the polyphenols within herbal green tea have proven critical in the eliminating of cancer cells without causing any harm to any of the healthy cells still within the body.

There have also been indications that people who smoke cigarettes can benefit greatly from drinking increased amounts of green tea. The toxins that accompany smoking have been proven to be reduced greatly when consuming green tea. This in mind, a habitual green tea drinker can combat the risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer emphysema, all risks for a habitual cigarette smoker.


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