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Hand skin rashes

The skin as we know, consists of layers, each with a specific function and responsibility. The first layer is the epidermis is the protective layer of the skin. This layer of the skin is constantly shed and this is the body’s natural mechanism for cleaning. The dead and dry cells are constantly being replaced by new ones.

The dermis is the layer below the epidermis and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Contains sweat and sebaceous glands and blood vessels that help hydrate and nourish the skin. The subcutaneous layer is beneath the dermis and adipose tissue contains. This layer is responsible for wrinkles, lines and tight skin.

The epidermis is the most visible consequence of a proper cleaning. Cleanliness is very important and it is necessary to remove impurities, makeup, dust and skin oils. Also evicted pimples and unclogs pores of the skin. Cleaning is also very important in re-hydrate the skin and get rid of your itchy skin no rashes.

Three basic steps to cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating skin

  • Clean: The key to cleaning the skin is keeping it simple. However, determining the type of skin is very important before taking a cleaning product. A gel with oil too or too little may be inadequate depending on skin type. Cleaning too often can also damage the skin. The best way to clean is to splash your face with warm water. This will help to unclog pores and loosen dirt. Use a cleanser on the size of a coin and then rinse again, this time with cold water. Makeup should be taken with a makeup remover before this process.
  • Scrub: This is an important step to be clean once a week. Most people do not question this in your cleaning routine. Using a scrub once a week gets rid of dead skin layers and keeps healthy and shiny.
  • Hydration: Hydrating Moisture seals in the skin. But be careful with the amount of moisturizer to use as an excess of it can clog pores.

Keeping healthy younger looking skin requires the use of skin care developed and formulated for specific purpose. Many manufacturers and brands that sell products “best in class”.

For example, Strivectin is well known for their stretch marks and wrinkle cream. While stretch marks and wrinkles do not seem to go well together in the same sentence, customers found that the active ingredients used in the Strivectin-SD Stretch Mark Cream work well in facial skin care (wrinkles and fine lines). Similarly, now famous Robanda by Hand Cream was voted “best hand cream in the U.S.” in 2006. Obagi remains a leader in products for younger hands, reducing age spots, etc, and Refinee leads the best-selling cleanser, “Fruit Exfoliating Cleanser” which clarifies, softens and refreshes with Jojoba Oil and fruit acids.

Similarly, feed the skin care is a leader in sera concentrated aloe. Specializing in anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-aging skin care, nurture is the brand to look for efficiency and high-end “directly from the manufacturer” prices. As other care companies skin, Nourishing sell exclusively to consumers.