Leaky Nips? But I’m Not Breastfeeding!

Some Questions Here:

I have green or navy blue discharge from both. I’ve been to the dr. and I have cysts. They are actually very common! The dr sees me once a year to keep an eye on them. They will swell up at times, sometimes even painfully so, but cysts are not usually dangerous. The one important point that this post made was, anyway around it, SEE THE DOCTOR! Do not self diagnose! Breast cancer is way too common to assume that everything is ok and you need to see a dr to be certain!

I had small amount of eggshell colored discharge from one breast and I thought nothing of it at the time. About a year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the Ductal Carcinoma In-situ was 5cm in diameter, I’ve had so many DCIS sites I had to have mastectomy. I am blessed in that malignant carcinoma was very small. I still wonder; what if I had informed my GYN at the time of the discharge would it have resulted in saving my breast? I’m not saying all discharge will lead to breast caner but I no longer take chances and neither does any member of my family and friends. Check with your doctor it’s the only way you’ll have a peace of mind.

p.s. After the mammogram the radiologist wanted to see me back in 6 months it was my GYN who instead that I see a surgeon. I still tribute my quality of life to my GYN.

I am a nurse and a college instructor in one of the bigger Universities here in Negros Occidental, Philippines and I pretty give much emphasis on the great benefits/advantage of doing the monthly self breast examination (BSE) to women in their reproductive years whenever I can: in my lectures, on a bus ride, in a community assembly, in an informal tete-a-tete with friends, etc. I am a strong advocate of women’s reproductive health.

The previous posts above added to my experiential knowledge on leaking breasts, their causes, and what to do about them.

I (30 yrs) have a similar problem, one that persists and have not come to a solution yet. For some years I have been using oral contraceptive and after a while have developed leaks from both breast. After a consultation with my gyno (which never once tried to examine my breast or send me to other specialist such as oncologist) quit the pill, been to hormonal testing that showed elevated hormones for lactating, went home empty handed, irritated, untreated and undiagnosed. I am writing it off to living in a small country in SE Europe where doctors care little for prevention. Here if you do not self diagnose and go to your doctor for prescription only, you need not bother go.

My problem continues still, and as I have suspected that it could be a sign of potential thyroid problems have now one persons that leads me in further self diagnosis.