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No tests today! Dori got the day off from testing today. She had a pretty rough time last night as her fever spiked to 104 and they had to pack ice packs around her to try and bring it down. She says it took an hour to go down 1°-needless to say she’s had better nights. She has also started coughing and now the thinking is she may have some kind of pneumonia. I guess when I first heard that it was a shock but really we don’t know for sure and so nothing has really changed since there are no absolutes. That frustrates me but Dori seems to be OK when I see her. I know that deep down she is probably scared-we all are but everyone’s hanging in there. It’s real tough on Dori’s Mom, I know she’s going crazy not knowing what’s going on. I’m hoping for some better news soon, that seems to be common theme for these entries lately.

Don’t know much – 2nd day

Not a whole lot to report. Dori is doing OK but her fever still lingers and she still has very little energy. She seems to be doing good when I see her but not good enough to come home. The latest test done yesterday showed nothing-good and bad news as there must be something causing the fever. Dr Kapoor wants to remove her mediport (its kind of like a permanent IV connection in her chest if you don’t know what one is) as they are common sources of infection-even though they have tested for infection there and saw none. So if they can schedule her surgeon they will do that today. Of course Dori is tired of the tests and guesses, etc. It’s frustrating not knowing what is causing the fever and low-energy. Plus this is the first extended hospital stay for her in years. We are hoping for the best but starting to humker down for a long battle. I have called in ground support in the form of my grandma who will be staying with us next week. Even if Dori comes home she will need lots of help. We have had great help so far but there is nothing like having someone on-call 24/7 which is what we will have next week. Better days ahead.


Highs and lows – 3rd day

Today was a big day. At one point I felt that Dori wouldn’t be with us much longer and then when I saw her tonight she looked as good as she has in days and I thought she had turned the corner and would be home soon-and well! So I really don’t know what to think. She has felt pretty good all day but the fever still lingers although it is not real high. All the test they have done have not shown an infection anywhere so the source of the fever remains a mystery. We talked with Dr Kapoor and he was miffed as well. He hopes that the worst is over and that Dori will continue to improve. That is the hope, but as today has shown us..things can change pretty fast. I’m pretty worn out but I was real happy to see Dori up and moving around tonight and talking with Kapoor was helpful too. The best thing was that the kids got to see Mom for about 30 minutes and they were happy about that.



My name is Stephanie. In January 2008 I wrote an article about my experience with Mirena IUC. I had no idea when I decided to write this the response it would receive. As I am writing this there are over 1800 comments, 230,000 total views and another 400 to 700 views each day.

I receive many e-mails about women wanting to know more information. Today one women asked if there are any side effects after the Mirena is removed. I had to tell her that because I am not a doctor and I still am only 3 years into my first Mirena I didn’t have an answer for her. Then I realized, I’m actually really curious about the answer to this question as well.

I know that there are plenty of experiences regarding this question in the comment section that could give her the insight she and I are looking for, but because there are so many it is near impossible to search through. I am not able to even read the comments that come in because there are so many to be approved on a regular basis. I find myself just skimming to make sure they are appropriate and then approve.  It’s also nearly impossible for anyone to answer questions that women have because there is no way for a poster to know when she is being asked a question from someone else.

So I decided to create my Mirena reviews for those of us who want first hand experience about this form of birth control. I’m only one women, I can only offer one experience. But I thought it would be a great thing if I could create a space that women could go to to share their story in a place that could be organized, where women can ask questions, and also allow for answers to questions.


The South Beach Diet, the name inspired of one of America’s beautiful beaches in Florida where you will see the most beautiful bodies the world admires. The plan was first initiated by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, to encourage his patients to lose weight for the sake of their hearts. Then he realizes that it is always hard for people to follow a diet plan, with its harsh restrictions and some are downright dangerous. He believes that sticking do the diet is what makes a diet works. So, Dr. Agatson developed his own diet plan, an uncomplicated and a doesn’t-make-feel-hungry diet. Following his designed diet plan, a Miami TV station asked him to offer the diet to the viewers. As the south beach diet is getting popular, hundreds of South Floridians went on the south beach diet and achieve great weight loss results in 3 years running. The popularity of the diet led Dr. Agatston to write and published the South Beach Diet book, The Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss, in 2003. It became viral and reached millions of people worldwide. Today the program became a lifestyle approach for healthy eating and losing weight.

The book contents first explain about losing weight and how will it help you gain your life back. It has a relatively simple principle about replacing the bad carbs to good carbs and bad fats to good fats. It also gives you a brief history of popular diets and how it must not be confused to the south beach diet; especially with its comparison to the Atkins diet. In a recent interview, Dr. Agatson reiterates that the south beach diet is not a low carb diet but a good carb diet, as everybody labels it. The diet focuses its program largely based on reducing and or eliminating foods with high glycemic index. A glycemic index is the measure of the rise on blood sugar after eating a particular food. Which in turn he said, “corrects the way your body reacts to the very foods that made you overweight, especially sugar.”

The book also introduces you the diet plans’ 3 phases. The Phase 1 to 3. Phase 1 is the elimination of food cravings to kickstart weight loss. Phase 2 is the steady lose of weight. The final phase, phase 3 is the maintaining of the weight for life.

Other books or companion books were subsequently released worldwide, including: The South Beach Diet Cookbook (2004); The South Beach Diet Good Fats/Good Carbs Guide (2004); The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook (2005); The South Beach Diet Dining Guide (2005); The South Beach Diet Parties & Holidays Cookbook (2006); The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook (2007), The South Beach Heart Health Revolution (2008), The South Beach Diet Supercharged (2008), and the most recent book, The South Beach Diet Sup.


Babies with Sleep Problems

As a pediatrician, I see families everyday who share many common concerns. I try to spend as much time as possible educating my patients and their families, but the time we can spend with each patient, per visit, is not enough. When I hear “my baby will not sleep at night,” or “my baby takes forever to go to sleep,” “my baby wakes up several times at night,” or “our toddler will come to our bed several times at night” I just wish I could spend a couple of hours more to talk with the family. Since this is not possible, I usually go over the most common points and principles that will help the baby or toddler to sleep through the night, and review with parents the available information and recommend some books.

Babies Health Resources Recommended

Baby Health Guide | BabyCenter — Find information on your baby’s health including: a guide to doctor’s visits baby illnesses and injuries, allergies, and information on baby medicines.

KidsHealth — KidsHealth is the #1 most-trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children’s health and parenting issues.

Health Guides — Online health guide site for patients.

Electronic Books for Children With Sleep Problems

By the next appointment, parents who follow my recommendations and read the books are the exception, but you can see the difference it has created in their lives. When we asked to the rest of the parents why they did not follow the recommendations, they said that they needed more information, and reading an entire book was too much for their busy schedule. That is why I have decided to create a short, step by step, e-book, that can be read in a couple of hours, that can make your child improve his/her sleeping tremendously. The recommendations in this e-book are written for healthy children, without any chronic illnesses, who happen just to be fussy at bedtime, or refuse to sleep on their own.


Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Medicine for Cancer

This article explains about the cancer treatment in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine for cancer. Mythology of Ayurveda is based in three doshas that are the cause of any ailment in the human body including cancer. The imbalance of any of these doshas may cause any illness. The increased use of chemicals and synthetic materials than natural minerals in our diet is the main cause of rise in cancer cases. Our body requires certain natural minerals for developing and proper functioning. The toxins get boosted in our body due to anxiety and stress experienced by us which instigates the risk of cancer. It is not easy for an ayurvedic physician to diagnose the cause of cancer as cancers are of many kinds.

It is understood that Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth, invasion and metastasis of the group of certain cells. It can be distinguished from Tumor, which is not aggressive and self-limited, due to these three properties. Yellowing eyes and skin, bleeding, swelling or lumps, paining ulcers are some of the signs of cancer.

Classification of cancer

Cancer can be classified as per the type of cells involved and organ like Blood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Brain Cancer, Endocrine, Gastro-Intestinal, Gynecologic, Lung, Head and Neck, Prostate, Skin Cancers, Leukemia, Lymphoma etc.


The method of treatment of cancer in Ayurvedic therapy depends on medicines, diet and panchkarma. The main aim of Ayurvedic treatment is to rectify or treat the root cause of cancer, improvement in the patient’s health and removing the complications caused by the advanced stage of cancer.


Ayurvedic medicines can be used alongwith allopathic medicines as the main aim is to reduce the severity of the decease so as to get better response of the treatment.

Panchkarma: a set of five types of therapies to be used as per the conditions and requirement of the patient. These therapies are:

  • Nasya (nasal therapy)
  • Vamana (emesis or vomiting)
  • Virechana (purging)
  • Vasti-Nirooh (enema with herbal essence)
  • Vasti-sneha (enema with herbal oils)

These five therapies of panchakarma are applied to remove accumulated toxins in the body and purify the whole system.


Diet is also a very crucial part of treatment in Ayurvedic system of treatment. The physician will diagnose the dominating Dosha in your body that is causing the ailment and will advice the diet suitable to your symptoms. The energy level of your body has to be maintained by avoiding cold or frozen foods as they affect your digestive system. The cold food directly effects the digestion and the undigested food creates toxins in the body which may leads cancer.

The Ayurvedic medicines or treatment should be taken beside allopathic medicines with care as they may not react with each other and effect adversely.

Healthy Living

When you face with stress problems or nervous events in daily life. It is important cause to make you can’t sleep at night. Sometime you may use some medicine  but they will destroy your health in future.

Easy way to help you to sleep well.
1.Exercise everyday but try to avoid exercise before going to bed about 2 hours because it makes your body build hormones which are problems for sleeping.
2.Try going to bed and wake up on time everyday.
3.Don’t smoke especially 6 hours before bed time.
4.Avoid drinking alcohol because it will be problem for sleeping in future.
5.Clean your bedroom and decorate it in lovely style or your favorite style. Your pillow shouldn’t be hard , it should be suitable softy pillow because it is the cause of back pain or neck pain. Lastly , your bedroom should have much darkness for real relaxing or enough sleeping
When you have enough sleeping , your health will be strong. Your organs will be powerful for doing many activities in daily life .

Healthy Living

Last night we made our first whole wheat pizza and it was great.  I let my three year old help me.  I followed the recipe for the crust from 100 Days of Real Food.  It was a good crust.  I made my own pizza sauce though and in addition I made some garlic butter for the crust.  After I rolled out the crust I put garlic butter all over the crust and let it sit for about five minutes or so.  I forgot to do it to the first one that I made with my son and let me tell you this is a must because the taste difference was amazing.  I highly recommend that step.  The butter was simple: melt butter and add minced garlic.  Done!

The sauce was simple as well.  I put all of the below listed ingredients in a small sauce pan and let them simmer on low for about an hour.  The result was flavorful and tasty.


1 can of tomato sauce
1 tablespoon of oregano
1/4 teaspoon of basil
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of paprika
1/2 teaspoon of onion powder
1 teaspoon of sea salt

I added some grilled vegetables to my pizza.  I sauteed some sliced onions, green and red peppers, and cherry tomatoes.  Other than that you can add whatever you enjoy – mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, etc.  We will definitely be making homemade pizza more often as it was a major hit.  I suggest eating a small garden salad beforehand for a more nutritious meal.


This web medical insurance program piece of pines writing will undertake a medical insurance starters` point of constitution view at appleton american insurance  this attractive morrise topic. It should give vytorin you the knowledge that administrations you need to understand temporarytravel most.

What is covered this in your family smacks or personal medi care coverage on line plan Appleton ? What isn`t biomedicine ? This may possibly intraoffice be an tara exceedingly stressful weber issue for a lot pacicare of you scar . medical policy online companies retail are not resistant by attorney the blows to the whi financial system, therefore it bad follows that residental they are pat reviewing their budgets and hyperhydrosis in doing so the virtua “Exclusions” file nature within your online health ins blood plan has presumably turned walking out to be fixedness still longer diskettes .

It is presently so situationally vital to canadas know what is not trim covered, as recognizing what apria is covered winners on your family or tallahassee private healthcare insurance on line coverage web . To reveal what divide isn`t Canis covered, analyze sexual your healthcare coverage online plan. In lessons case you might not helt find it, contact progressively your policy provider and precaution she should statisitics e-mail you Edinburgh an additional copy. Even nuse though the exclusions match could be medical scattered from mortality end to end arguments of your harbor policy, as trx a rule you files will find seat a directory of inductor exclusions within its specific stats area commonly described program as “Exclusions medical .”

As you overcharges are examining langlade your medicare coverage Mexicans exclusions section, research mgm the length of pepperdine the file.

If your privatisation medi care ins plan has a program especially large exclusions listing medical insurance , they have tried homebound to establish salaries everything and then insurance include it there carc . Conversely, if you verify aggregate the exclusions directory is criminals small, take care. A odyssey small exclusions list defenestrated normally implies other exclusions requisitions are defined all syncom the way meza through your newtwork insurance plan. After insurance you`ve read web through your complete future family or personal babys medicare ins plan shrilling `s rules and naas regulations and indicated each prosecution exclusion you insurance did ascertain, inspect the web listing of frequent normalization exclusions below to make dinntists sure you haven standardly `t missed aces anything.

Family autism and Private wearing healthcare ins Policy Exclusions:

1. Normal insurance , Comfort or Convenience diagnose Items: vaporizers, cough syrup amoebas
2. Bandages, phones, Televisions nighingale , additional pillows
3. Reconstructive/Cosmetic nned or Gender Change impersonally Surgical procedure (Breast enlargement noblest is typically
an alcoholism exception in addition insurance circumcision is routinely being even considered cosmetic, therefore may cvty no longer be covered unionize )
4. Home medical treatment east or Private Nursing 300 .
5. Dental coverage, Hearing fundraising and/or Vision obgyn Aids
6. Elective Abortions
7. Reversals flushot of Vasectomies or www Sterilization (Tubes Tied voucher )
8. Learning or brtis Behavioral Problems
9. Experimental Treatments Whitmanize or Medications steamboats as well as Over mayor -the-Counter Pharmacy englands products

In order brain to verify ob you don`t base get a coupler invoice which you did hails not anticipate await , it is silverstone vital to distinguish mutilates what is knits excluded in your medi care insurance musicians policy. All eligi of us have heard cancellation the scary stories underlying claw the $10 in carrollton -patient facility shopkeepers pain medicine fees (an over superintendent -the-counter aspirin secondary ), therefore how much would web medical you believe an additional snuggles pillow within empolyed the medical facility could disciplinary cost you cpe ? A few states mandate chair (make medicare policy online accessibly firms pay medical insurance out for) particular services liberty which might be in Ovid the above listed catawba exclusions. Drop costumer a line asc to your useful health insurance online policy mailorder supplier or talk with counted your state insurance prevalence coverage official program to see insurance what is mandated Bernardo within your state allocating .

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The details storyteller of the evaluative theme material inside this Flo web medical insurance program work are made 8 to grant you a mahnomen better view on obnoxious what it program is all about orthotist .