Personal Sharing for Organic Foods

Here in America’s Heartland, it is hard to find Organics at Wal-Mart. Super Target has a much larger selection. The nearest Whole Foods store is a 2+ hour drive on a toll road which adds to the cost. There is a local organic/health food store but their prices are even higher. Yet it is worth the extra $$$. Organics taste better and that is enough for us. The fact that there are no chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, & ripening conditioners is a well appreciated bonus and the fact that less damaging chemicals are being injected into our air, soil & water enhances that bonus even more. We shop often at Farmer’s Markets also, it supports local business & keeps the $$$ in the area. Many of them have not been certified as organic growers, but are using organic methods and working toward certification.

One thing that needs to be mentioned: Beware of some of the larger Organic-Grown operations – there has been instances of them buying non-organic products and marketing them under their organic name.

There are some foods that even those doubtful of organic benefits surely cannot deny. Anything you eat the peel of such as an apple, grapes, tomatoes, zucchini…you certainly cannot deny that you’d be ingesting pesticides. I also find it difficult to believe that there is no risk with any of the roots veggies (potatoes, carrots etc) that directly absorb nutrients and chemicals into the part of the plant that we eat… from the soil.. Raw foods can be rich sources of enzymes that help you to digest your food. Processing and pesticides can destroy most, if not all of these enzymes, but hey, you can always count on big business to supply you with expensive supplements to take care of those digestive problems. Farmers’s markets and other local alternative options usually have better prices on organics. Buying organic dairy makes a HUGE impact on the environment since the feed must also be organic. People in this country think organic is expensive because we are so used to having some of the cheapest food in the world. I agree with anitra’s statement…”You wouldn’t put a mixture of Gas and Dirt in your gas tank so why would you put a mixture of food and steroids and or hormones, antibiotics and pesticides?” your body? Ignorance really is bliss if you believe that organics make no difference but it’s your body so feel free to treat it how you want. :)